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The Rice Spectroscopy lab at the University of Wyoming focuses on optical and electrical spectroscopy of unique and interesting materials.  It is common for these experiments to happen at low temperatures (<50 K), high magnetic fields (up to 7 T), and ultrafast timescales (100 fs to 5 ns).  Most of our interest lies in measuring low-dimensional semiconductors and metals, such as single-walled carbon nanotubes and doped quantum dots, to examine how quantum wavefunction confinement can change material properties.  

Magnetic circular dichroism of magnetic quantum dots

Figure 1. Absorption (gray) and temperature-dependent magnetic circular dichroism spectra for undoped (bottom) and Mn-doped CdSe nanocrystals.  doi:10.1038/nnano.2015.258

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Phys. Rev. Applied: The field of spin caloritronics uses thermal sources to create, control, and manipulate spin behavior.  Here, we show how the spin Seebeck effect (SSE) in nanometer-thick Pt covered YIG (magnetic insulator) can be used to detect light from 390 to 2200 nm.  Interestingly, like its electrical analog, this SSE-based photodetector has a flat responsivity, which makes it ideal for broadband optical detection.  Check out the paper!


Nano Letters: Here, we shown single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs)  can be globally aligned along a specific axis with a computer-controlled filtration system.  The removal of the so-called 2D spherulite and the development of a membrane charging method lie at the heart of establishing a high-degree of macroscopic SWCNT alignment. Check out the paper!


May 2019: Congratulations to Shashank for successfully defending his doctoral proposal!  

May 2019: Congratulations to Ethan for receiving his Bachelor of Science in Physics from UW!


December 2018:  Congratulations to Henry for successfully defending his doctoral proposal!  Now on to the actual dissertation defense!

October 2018:  Congratulations to Subash for successfully defending his doctoral proposal!  

November 2016:  Prof. Rice gives two American Corner lectures in Portugal.  This invitation-only lectureship focused on the fundamentals of optical spectroscopy and terahertz generation.  They were given in partnership with Dr. Manuel Mendes of CENIMAT. Photo of Manuel and me in Lisbon.

October 2016: Welcome to the lab, Joe Murphy!  Joe just finished his Ph. D. at the University of Buffalo and will be joining us here in Laramie this month.

August 2016:  Welcome to FRAMS!  The Front-Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium is being held at UW on August 18th and 19th.  For more details, go here:

August 2016:  Magnet is turned on!  Our cryogen-free 7 T magnet was able to achieve 7 T at 1.5 and 300 K after being unpacked and moved.

May 2016:  Congratulations Kathleen!  Kathleen was just accepted to a REU program at Purdue University for the summer of 2016.

December 2015:  Optical tables are moved in to the lab!  Four optical tables, the largest of which weighs 3000 lbs., were placed in the lab by a crew of experienced movers.  

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