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Cryogen-free 7 T Magnet

        Diamond Inner Windows and CaF2 Outer Windows

       1.5 to 300 K controllable sample temperature 

        -7 to 7 T

        Four-window access (F/# = 3)

        Fiber coupling outside magnet for PL collection

        Translatable sample stick

18 W, 532 nm Verdi Pump Laser

Tunable femtosecond laser (Coherent Mira 900F)

       700 nm to 1000 nm wavelength output

        Pulsewidth can range from 80 fs to 180 fs

        2.1 W mode-locked output is typical

        76 MHz repetition rate

Ti:S Doubler Unit (Coherent)

       350 nm to 450 nm 

        600 mW maximum output

1035 nm amplified laser (KM Labs)

       500 kHz repetition rate

       40 uJ/pulse

       180 fs

7 T Janis superconducting magnet with variable temperature insert

       1.5 K to 300 K

       For electrical transport investigations

LN2-Cooled InGaAs 1024-Pixel Photodiode Array (Princeton Instruments)

LN2-Cooled Silicon 1340x100 Pixel CCD (Princeton Instruments)

Low-Temperature, High-Field Magnetic Circular Dichroism and Absorption

Micro-Raman System

       50x, Plan APO, 1 mm long-working distance Mitutoyo objective (480 to 1800 nm)

UV-Vis-NIR Absorption System (Cary 500)

Transient Absorption System


       One 150 mm SP150 spectrometer from Princeton Instruments 

        Two 300 mm SP2300 spectrometer from Princeton Instruments

        Two 600 mm double spectrometers from Jobin-Yvon

Gas and Diode Lasers

       6 mW, 632.8 nm HeNe laser 

        100 mW, 405 nm diode laser

        5 mW, 650 nm diode laser

        45 mW, 785 nm diode laser

SWCNT Film System

Spin Coater

Table-Top Centrifuge

Shared Equipment

4 mJ/pulse Amplified Laser (Coherent Libra)

Five-Pass Optical Parametric Amplifier (TOPAS)

Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter)

Four fume hoods (PS134)

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