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April 2019 at Coal Creek after our bi-weekly group meeting.  Happy faces all around after the first round!

Wyoming contingent at FRAMS hosted by CU Boulder and NIST.  From left to right:  Jinke Tang, Abby Firme, Subash Kattel, Joe Murphy, Bill Rice, and Narendra Shrestha


A little winter charm at some historic sites in Boston during the APS March Meeting in March 2019


FRAMS conference picture taken at CU Boulder in August 2019


Rice lab members (from left) Joe, Subash, Abby, Henry, and Josh presented their work at APS Four Corners in Salt Lake City, UT in October 2018

Group picture May 2017 just before group meeting.  Pro tip:  to prevent squinting, don't take photos in harsh snow glare conditions.

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