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It's Electric: (Left) Schematic of the famous Millikan oil drop experiment measuring the quantized nature of charge ( img/millikan oil drop.jpg).  (Right) Vector plot of a quadrupole moment.

PHYS 1220: Engineering Physics II 


Physics lies at the heart of all scientific and engineering disciplines.  Classical physics, which encompasses Newtonian mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics, is especially relevant for the basic sciences and electrical, mechanical, civil, and chemical/petroleum engineering.  In Engineering Physics II, we will focus on understanding and using Maxwell's equations (the equations that undergird charge, electricity, and magnetism) and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.  As a studio course, we will attempt to integrate lecture, lab, and discussion into each 100-minute class period to enhance learning important theoretical concepts, lab techniques, and computational skills.  Weekly homework assignments will be administered through Mastering Physics and will form a significant part of your grade.  However, the bulk of your assessment in this course will be from two mid-term tests and a final exam.  Weekly quizzes and lab assignments will comprise the remainder of your grade.

Engineering Physics II is a very challenging course, which is often made much harder when students (1) stop showing up to class and/or (2) stop doing their homework assignments.  I strongly urge you to attend every class and to independently work on each homework.  If you are having trouble with a given concept, please reach out for help.  Fellow classmates, study groups, teaching assistants (TAs), your student instructor (SI), STEP tutoring sessions, and my office hours are easily available resources that can significantly bolster your performance in this course.

Finally, it is required that you either have taken or are concurrently taking Calculus III.  Additionally, you should have already taken PHYS 1210 (Engineering Physics I) or Statics.  


Relevant Information:

Syllabus (historical)

Homework:  HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8, HW9, HW10Extra Credit

Mid-Term 1 Study Guide, Practice Mid-Term 1, Mid-Term Exam 1, and Solutions

Mid-Term 2 Study Guide, Practice Mid-Term 1, Mid-Term Exam 2, and Solutions

Final Exam Study Guide

Practice Final Exam 1 and Practice Exam 2 

Final Exam and Solutions

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