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Bill Rice, PhD 

Assistant Professor, The University of Wyoming

Department of Physics and Astronomy 

Curriculum Vitae

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Joseph (Joe) Murphy, PhD (Post-doctoral fellow)

Joe works on optically measuring ice adhesion, Ag2S nanoplatelets, and mid- and far-infrared spectroscopy of Pt-coated magnetic insulators and metallic carbon nanotubes.  Joe previously studied semiconducting nanoplatelets at the University of Buffalo under Alexander Cartwright and Athos Petrou.

Subash Kattel (Doctoral graduate student)

Subash is focused on magneto-optical measurements of doped nanocrytals.  Currently, Subash is setting up the magneto-PL, absorption, and magnetic circular dichroism systems.  He also works on infrared spectroscopy of Pt-coated magnetic insulators.

Henry Wladkowski (Doctoral graduate student)

Henry is working on producing highly enriched nanotubes for optical measurements.  In addition, he is currently building an ultrafast system to investigate the behavior of nanotubes.

Joshua (Josh)Walker (Doctoral graduate student)

Josh uses a slow-vacuum filtration system to align ensembles of nanotubes for optical and electrical measurements.

Shashank Ram Nandyala (Doctoral graduate student)

Shashank works uses highly concentrated lasers to convert graphitic oxide, an insulator, into reduced graphitic oxide, which is both electrically and thermally conductive.  He evaluates the in situ temperature of this laser-induced thermal process using Raman spectroscopy, which determines, in conjunction with electrical conductivity measurements, the metallicity of laser-annealed reduced graphitic oxide.

Abigail Firme (Undergraduate student)

Abby works with Mn-filled covalent organic frameworks to explore spin frustration in organic compounds.

Alex Slane (Undergraduate student)

Alex examines mid-infrared photoluminescence from atomic-layer deposition grown InSb quantum dots.

Julian Duarte (Undergraduate student)

Julian uses polymers to immerse (and maintain) dispersed nanoparticles for low-temperature measurements.  He is also working to restore an old Fluorolog for photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy.



Valerie Kuehl (Doctoral graduate student, Chemistry)


Marina Machado de Oliveira (Doctoral graduate student, Chemical Engineering)

Andrew Smith.png

Andrew Smith (Doctoral graduate student, Chemistry)


John Ackerman, PhD (Chemical Engineering)

Kathryn Papp, PhD (Harvard Medical School, neuropsychology)


Vladimir Alvarado (Univ. of Wyoming, Chemical Engineering)

Megan Candelaria (Laramie County Community College)

Jeffrey Fagan (NIST Gaithersburg)

Angela Hight Walker (NIST Gaithersburg)

Junichiro Kono (Rice Univ., Physics and Electrical Engineering)

Brian Leonard (Univ. of Wyoming, Chemistry)

Shawna McBride (Univ. of Wyoming Space Grant)

Bruce Parkinson (Univ. of Wyoming, Chemistry)

Thomas Searles (Howard University, Physics)

Jinke Tang (Univ. of Wyoming, Physics)

William L. Wilson (Executive Director of the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems)

Christopher Wohl (NASA Langley Research Center)

Mingzhong Wu (Colorado State Univ., Physics)

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